SCAODA Four-Year Strategic Plan


  1. Provide leadership and direction on AODA issues in Wisconsin by serving as the voice to whom the Governor, legislators, local coalitions, and media turn for guidance on AODA issues and promote collaboration across multiple sectors to advance progress on SCAODA goals.

  2. Change Wisconsin's cultural norms to transform the state’s AODA problems into healthy behavioral outcomes.

  3. Inform Wisconsin citizens on the negative fiscal, individual, and societal impacts of substance abuse.

  4. Advocate for adequate funding, capacity, and infrastructure to implement effective outreach, prevention, treatment, and recovery services for all in need.

  5. Remedy historical, racial/ethnic, gender, and other bias in substance use disorder systems, policies, and practices.


2015-2016 PRIORITIES

  1. Expand substance use disorder workforce capacity.

  2. Address population-specific needs.

  3. Reduce harmful alcohol consumption.

  4. Inform the public about substance use disorder-related consequences.

  5. Increase the use of evidence-based practices in prevention, treatment, and recovery.

  6. Address emerging substance use disorder trends.