Applying for Membership

Membership on the State Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse

The State Council on Alcohol and other Drug Abuse (SCAODA) accepts applications for membership from the following constituencies to serve on the Council:

  • Substance use disorder consumers;
  • Family members of those consumers;
  • County, tribal and/or private providers of substance use disorder treatment and prevention; and
  • Citizens with a professional, research or personal interest in alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse issues

The Council encourages people from diverse racial and ethnic groups, persons with disabilities and from other underserved groups, from urban and rural areas, veterans, and persons of other diverse backgrounds to apply.



The Council was created under 1993 Wisconsin Act 2010 to provide leadership in Wisconsin around substance use disorder issues.  SCAODA members are appointed by the Governor and represent most cabinet level agencies, two constitutional offices, the legislature, treatment providers, consumers, and citizens.  The purpose of SCAODA is to coordinate substance use disorder planning across the many agencies in Wisconsin government and advise those agencies on prevention, treatment and recovery activities.  SCAODA is responsible for reviewing pending legislation, developing two-year plans to implement activities and guide administration of the federal Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant, reviewing the biennial budget as it relates to alcohol and other drugs, and making recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature.

SCAODA serves as a focal point in Wisconsin government for reviewing substance use disorder issues that impact the health, welfare and social well-being of our citizens.  In the past, SCAODA has taken positions and offered recommendations on topics such as banning synthetic marijuana, creating a prescription drug monitoring program, addressing heroin and opioid abuse effectively, and making substance use disorder treatment more readily available.  SCAODA’s website at posts more information, including meeting agendas, minutes, and SCAODA-sponsored reports.

The Council meets four times annually, with most meetings held in Madison.  Travel and lodging expenses are reimbursed.  Council members also participate in at least one committee of their choice, where much of the Council’s work is performed.  Presently, the four committees include Prevention, Cultural Diversity, Planning and Funding, and Intervention and Treatment. SCAODA is supported by staff within the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS), Division of Care & Treatment Services.  For more information regarding the Council, you can contact Mike Derr at or Scott Stokes at


Applying to Become a Member:

SCAODA reviews all Council applicants and recommends candidates to the Governor, who reviews the applicants and appoints members to the Council.  Interested persons should complete the Application for Boards and Commissions Appointment.  This Application can be found and submitted online at Copies of the application or other pertinent information should also be submitted to DHS on behalf of the Council, to be sent to Mike Derr either by email or by regular mail to: DHS, Division of Care & Treatment Services, 1 West Wilson Street, Room 850, Madison, WI  53707.

After receiving the application, the SCAODA Nomination Committee and Council leadership may review the applicant’s information to form a recommendation.  The Council will then provide the Governor’s Office with its recommendation regarding the applicant.  The Governor makes the final determination of who to appoint on the Council.  Members of the Council are appointed to four-year terms.

Please contact the Governor's Officeif you are interested in serving as a SCAODA citizen member.