The State Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse was created in the Office of the Governor in August 1970 to provide leadership and coordination regarding alcohol and other drug abuse (AODA) issues confronting the state. During the fiscal year 1992-93, state agencies were responsible for approximately 156 AODA programs with a total budget of $141.4 million.

Wisconsin Act 210 was enacted on April 6, 1994, merging the Citizens Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse with the State Council. The bill expanded the duties and the membership of the State Council.


The statutory membership of the State Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse is as follows:

  1. The Governor
  2. State Senator (majority party)
  3. State Senator (minority party)
  4. State Representative (majority party)
  5. State Representative (minority party)
  6. The Attorney General
  7. The State Superintendent of Public Instruction
  8. The Secretary of Health Services
  9. The Commissioner of Insurance
  10. The Secretary of Corrections
  11. The Secretary of Transportation
  12. Chairperson of the Pharmacy Examining Board
  13. A representative of the Controlled Substances Board
  14. A member of the Wisconsin County Human Service Association, Inc.
  15. A member of the Governor's Law Enforcement & Crime Commission
  16. A representative of a direct provider of services to alcoholics and other drug abusers
  17. Six public members

Ex Officio members added by the Council include representatives of:

  1. Department of Revenue
  2. Department of Veterans Affairs
  3. Department of Workforce Development
  4. Department of Safety and Professional Services
  5. Department of Children and Families
  6. Wisconsin Department of Health Services' Division of Public Health
  7. Wisconsin Technical College System
  8. University of Wisconsin System
  9. Liaison to the Wisconsin Council on Mental Health
  10. Liaison to the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities